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Please click on a link to view a rubric for each item. More rubrics will be added as soon as they are completed. Please note: these rubrics are a work in progress, your comments and feedback are crucial to this process.

Performance Levels


Advanced Grade Level Performance


Proficient Grade Level Performance


Approaching Grade Level Performance


Below Grade Level Performance


Far Below Grade Level Performance


Not Evaluated (this trimester)




Music Standards-Beginning Student Elementary




Student plays instrument alone and with others, using a varied repertoire of music










  • Uses correct tonguing or bowing




  • Displays proper mouth and/or hand positions




  • Uses proper breath support or proper bow grip




  • Performs music appropriate to level (Strings) (Band) (Percussion)




Student reads and notates music




  • Names notes accurately (Strings) (Band) (Percussion)




  • Counts rhythm values by clapping, tapping, and /or playing correctly (Strings) (Band) (Percussion)




Student creates music




  • Displays the ability to echo, create, and/or improvise musical patterns




Student listens to, responds to, analyzes, evaluates, and describes music




  • Uses appropriate musical vocabulary to assess performance of self and ensemble




  • Demonstrates appropriate concert behavior




Student understands music in relation to history and a variety of cultures








Behaviors/Work Habits that Support Learning




(E=Excellent     G=Good     S=Satisfactory     N=Needs Improvement)




Student demonstrates consistent effort




Student produces quality work




Student follows music class rules




Student remembers to bring instrument and materials




Student demonstrates adequate home practice time




Student attends music class and rehearsals regularly








Number of unexcused music absences-forgets to come at appropriate time